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Learn breathwork, breathing exercises, freediving techniques, pranayama and meditation with Mindfulness Freediving.

NOTE: Meditation is not something that you can practice or teach. Meditation is a state of absorption, that you achieve through the practice of concentration techniques.

Most people are not aware of this fact and when searching on Google will usually search for “meditation training” instead of “concentration training.” The word “meditation” has thus been used on this website for SEO purposes only so that the website ranks for its right audience. What you are going to learn are actually concentration techniques that will help you achieve a meditative state.

What is mindfulness freediving?

Mindfulness Freediving is a practice combining pranayama, yoga philosophy with freediving techniques. Mindfulness freediving has two intentions, the first one is to help beginners looking to learn how to meditate and meditation practitioners who are having difficulty to reach a state of mindfulness with their meditation practice.

The second one is to help freedivers who are struggling mentally from chasing performances in freediving to let go of expectations and approach freediving in a more mindful way.

Mindfulness Freediving is taught face to face, in person or online, respecting each person’s breathing rhythm, personal abilities and cultural background.

What mindfulness freediving is not

The term “mindfulness” used in mindfulness freediving refers to a mental state of absorption. While some of the teachings or techniques might seem similar, Mindfulness Freediving is neither related to mindfulness meditation nor does it contain any of its influence. 

Mindfulness Freediving is not meant to be a replacement to a classic meditation or yoga practice, but instead should be viewed more as complimentary to these practices. While practicing mindfulness freediving does come with its fair share of physical and mental benefits, the amount of endorphins, dopamine or adrenaline released during its practice are not going to be a quick fix to your life dilemmas. You will still have to put on your work, off the mat and out of water.

Mindfulness Freediving is not another new age breathwork method or pseudo science claiming to bring to its practitioners all kind of out of this world experiences. Nothing new has been invented here. The exercises and techniques that comprise Mindfulness Freediving have been developed and practiced by yogis for millennia and freedivers for decades. Mindfulness Freediving is just a systematization of these different techniques and exercises to create a framework for practice.

There is no chasing of longer breath holds, deeper depths, marine life or freediving certification card involved with Mindfulness Freediving. What we seek instead is a deeper understanding of ourselves so we can grow into more mindful human beings and be free in and out of water.

mindfulness freediving

the practices

Mindfulness Freediving has three separate practices. The outer practice, what you practice on the mat. The water practice, what you practice in water. The inner practice, what you practice mentally.

breathwork, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, freediving, training

The Outer Practice

Conditioning exercises targeting the respiratory system and breathing exercises practiced on dry land.

The Water Practice

Breath-holding exercises practiced in or underwater water at standing depth without the need for much equipment.

breathwork, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, freediving, training
breathwork, pranayama, mindfulness meditation, freediving, training

The Inner Practice

Exercises and techniques to control the senses, improve concentration and reach a state of meditation.

mindfulness freediving

the programs

Mindfulness Freediving has three learning programs. A foundation program to learn the basics, an advanced training program to help you progress faster and one on one sessions for guidance when needed.

Foundation Program

Your starting point to learn the basics of mindfulness freediving.

Advanced Training Program

Learn advanced breathing and breath holding techniques to help you accelerate your progress.

One On One Session

Guided one on one session to help you with your practice and confirm if you have well internalized it.

mindfulness freediving

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