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advanced training program

The advanced training program is for those who have already completed the foundation program and would like to learn more advanced topics and breathwork techniques to progress faster and cultivate profound mind-body connections.

It is a 6 hours program that consists of two sessions of theory, two dry training sessions, one in-water session, and one session for the inner work.

To start the advanced training program, you need to be in good health, have completed the foundation program, and have had a regular practice of Mindfulness Freediving for at least three months.


Heart rate and MDR


Bohr effect

Carbon dioxide tolerance

Hypoxic training

Specific nutrition




Outer Practice

Advanced cleansing

Advanced humming

Advanced lungs and diaphragm stretching

Advanced breath control exercises

Advanced breath holding exercises

Advanced locks

Water Practice

Facial immersion

Surfaced static

Submerged static

Inner Practice

Purpose of life

Belief and faith

Study of ethics

Cycles and patterns of life

Behavioural patterns

Breaking patterns

Acceptation and contemplation

Achieving meditation

mindfulness freediving

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