mindfulness freediving

foundation program

The foundation program is your starting point to learn the foundational knowledge and breathwork techniques of Mindfulness Freediving to develop a deeper connection to your breath and improve mental clarity.

It is a 6 hours program that consists of two sessions of theory, one dry training session, one in-water session, and one session for the inner work.

To start the program, you need to be in good health and comfortable being in the water. You do not need to know how to swim but should not be afraid to be submerged underwater.

No prior experience in breath holding or freediving is required.


History of freediving

History of breathing practices

Mindfulness Freediving breakdown

Diet and physiology

Nose breathing vs mouth breathing

Diaphragmatic breathing vs chest breathing

Breathing myths

Breathing cycle

Physiology of breath holding

Carbon dioxide and oxygen

Mammalian dive response

Mental techniques

Convulsions and fainting

Safety protocols

Outer Practice

Breathing rate

Cleansing exercises

Humming exercises

Lungs and diaphragm stretching

Breath control exercises

Alternate breathing

Water Practice

Facial immersion

Surfaced static

Supervision and rescue

Inner Practice

Cycle/Goal of life and death

Goal of meditation

History of meditation

Concentration vs meditation

Control/Withdrawal of the senses

Distraction and minfulness

Objects of concentration

Concentration techniques

Constructing a self practice

mindfulness freediving

YOU OWE YOURSELF peace of mind

Reach out and start your Mindfulness Freediving practice